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Optimize your Hiring Process

There’s no doubt you’re particular about who joins your team, and for good reason. The hiring process can be long and complicated, with a lot of time spent interviewing candidates, meeting with your team, putting together an offer, and more. A natural part of being in business is hiring people. Unfortunately, not everyone you invite to join your team stays for the long haul. As your business grows and employees move on, you’re left needing to hire more people.

You can improve the hiring process with a few simple steps. Bringing in the best, most qualified candidate can be easy! Keep reading to learn how you can optimize your hiring process for the best results:

1. Look Inside

company meeting

Some hiring managers are so eager to fill an open position, they forget to extend the opportunity to people within the company. Your current employees can be your best asset when looking for a new hire. If the open position is higher up, or even in a different department, post it internally first. You’ll be able to find at least a few interested, qualified existing employees. It’s always easier to promote internally than bring someone new in.

2. Start with the Description

If you’re creating a new position or you don’t have an internal interest, you’ll want to post your job listing on job sites like Indeed, Monster Jobs, and more. When you post your listing online, you can be flooded with applications. Make sure you’re crystal clear in the job description. Don’t rely on cookie-cutter descriptions from HR. Clearly describe the position, the responsibilities, and the requirements in an easy to understand way. Don’t confuse or mislead people with the job description, or your interviews won’t turn out the way you hope.

3. Ask the Right Questions

We’re all aware of the stereotypical interview questions like, “tell me about yourself” and “what’s your greatest weakness.” These questions may seem mundane, but you can gather valuable information about a candidate from them. What you shouldn’t do is rely too heavily on them. The person you’re interviewing is already nervous – being too stuffy means they’ll hide who they are in an effort to appease you. To see their real personality and if they’d be a good fit, mix in some unexpected questions. Ask them about their favorite movies, or how they would solve an unusual problem. A good mix of formal and casual questions will help you learn more about each person and make the best decision.

4. Carefully Screen Candidates

drivers license scanner

After initial interviews, you’ll probably have a good idea of who would be a good addition to your team. If you’re trying to decide between a few different people, a second interview may be necessary. As you get closer to finding the right person, it’s important to make sure they are who they say they are. The last thing you want is to extend your trust to someone you can’t trust. Using a driver’s license scanner in a second interview is an easy way to gather the candidate’s information while verifying their identity. Your business security is important; don’t risk it during the hiring process.


5. Make your Decision

Once you’ve narrowed your candidates down to a qualified few, verified their identity, and learned about their skills, make your decision. If you carefully crafted the job description and asked the right questions, you should have found the right person to hire. You know what you’re looking for – follow your gut and don’t drag your feet. If your ideal candidate is actively looking for a new job, you want to make them an offer before someone else does. All that’s left to do is put together an offer based on what you can afford and set expectations for the candidate.

Hiring a new person to join you team takes a lot of trust. You want to make sure they’ll fit well with your team. Most importantly, you want them to be a trustworthy worker. A little extra work and some out of the box thinking can help you optimize your processes, finding the right employee every time.